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Healthy People Do Not Need Protein Powder Supplement -1

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If the body is lack of protein, many discomfort states will occur such as physical deterioration, growth retardation, thin and weak body, weakened immunity, anemia and fatigue and often under sub-health condition. In some more serious cases, the insufficiency of protein may cause edema, increase the risk of various diseases, and even threaten the life.
From the perspective of nutritional support, improving the patient's protein status is one of the important support and treatment measures to save patient's life, improve the prognosis and develop the quality of life. In particular, what we should emphasize is that natural foods is the major measure for the intake of protein, such as eggs, fish, shrimp, lean meat and soybean products, instead of the intake of protein powder. Only if necessary, it is appropriate to add the right amount of protein powder.
The so-called "protein powder", mostly is made by using plant protein in the soy protein or casein protein and whey protein in animal protein as resources, and the efficacy of the latter is higher than that of the former.
The nutritionists point out: the normal diet can completely meet the daily protein requirement for health people. The daily recipes generally are: over 300g of the staple food (made of rice or flour), 300g to 500g of milk, 1 to 2 eggs, 100g of lean meat, 100g of soybean products and a variety of vegetables. If add extra protein powder to such diet, it will lead to excessive amount of protein, thereby make the body into a “high-protein load” state as in a critical state of danger.