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Daily Exercise & lifelong Health -2

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Shrugging shoulders
After work for a while, shrug your shoulders, up your shoulder as high as possible try to touch your ear, clamp two arms and then relax. Repeat this action for around ten times.
The activities of neck and back can stimulate the body's blood circulation, so as to relax the muscles of neck and back to avoid the pain and numbness in your waist and shoulders.
Rubbing skin
While watching television, you can use a clean brush or vegetable sponge to rub your skin of your legs and hands slightly to brush skin into pink color.
Through the skin friction, it can remove aging skin cells, stimulate your nerves, make your sweat and sebaceous glands excretion easy and smooth,  promote blood circulation of skin, enhance the capacity of disease resistance, and prevent and treat certain intractable skin diseases.
Hot shower
Take a hot shower before sleep every day.
Hot shower can relax your tension and is helpful for falling into a sleep.
Caring eyes
After a warm bath, smash a peeled potato, and package it in fresh gauze and put it on your eyes to take a rest for fifteen minutes with your legs straight.
It is good for removal of dark circles and swollen eyes, relaxation of your legs as well.
Stretching before sleep
Before you go to bed, stand and stretch yourself.
Nothing is better than stretching for a person before go to bed. Because such loose action can help you relax the tension of all day and make it easier to fall into a sleep.