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Daily Exercise & lifelong Health -1

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Every day do some modest and simple exercises, and keep up with it for long term, you will feel the health benefits brought by these simple actions.
Washing nose with cold water
Before wash your face every morning, gather some cold water with your hands and gently inhale the water by nose, then take the nose between thumb and index finger and spray out the water. Wash for five times.
This action can help to clear up the dust and bacteria in your nasal cavity. More important, by such daily practice your nose will gradually be used to low-temperature. You will not be easy to get cold with an invasion of cold air.
Viewing when brushing teeth
Hang up a beautiful landscape painting in the bath room, where you enjoy it when brushing your teeth.
Good scene is good for the emotional stability, so that drops the hormone level of pressure a lot, and makes a happy mood for the beginning of a day.
Brushing hair
In the office, brush your hair with wood comb (or fingers), starting from the middle of the forehead to the top of the head, the occipital and neck, and then the side around the head, and fast movement is better.
such action can stimulate the nerve endings and points on the head, through the nerve conduction to have effect on the brain, regulating the nervous system, relaxing the nerve of the head, and promoting local blood circulation to eliminate fatigue and promote hair growth. Especially it is good for metal worker and office lady.