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Long-term Drink of Pure Water NOT Good for Health

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The main difference between mineral water and tap water is the higher content of certain mineral or trace element in mineral water which has health effects on the specific group of people. Therefore, drinking mineral water should be targeted. It is best to supply what is needed by the body. For example, a child with zinc deficiency will get benefit from drinking high-zinc mineral water. On the contrary, if the body is without zinc deficiency, as well as the supply of zinc in the diet is very adequate, there is no need to drink such kind of mineral water. The long-term excessive deposition of minerals and trace elements in the body, could lead to a disease, and the most common one is the kidney stones.
Experts believe that people generally has blindness in mineral water consumption. Some parents look mineral water as a beverage for child before they figure out the difference of the composition and health effects of each kinds of mineral water. They just misunderstand that mineral water is better for health than tap water. If the children drink such water for years, some negative impacts on health will happen. The majority of minerals and trace elements in most pure water such as the distilled water, purified water and so on, is removed when the industrial pollutants in such water is removed. The long-term intake of such pure water will lead to deficient intake of certain minerals and trace elements which are good for health. And such deficiency has greater negative impacts on the child in a period of growth and development.