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White-collar Health: Rolling Head Around is NOT Good for Sore-Stiff Neck

Post Time:2008-07-18 [Large Middle Small] View:

Many people will get the pain and sore neck after they sit for a long time. Then, they often roll their heads around to ease the bad feeling. But you know what? Too big and fast neck movement causes dizziness easily, as well as causes excessive oppression on cervical spine.
Then, what is the correct posture of neck movement? Try to practice the following four exercises:
A: Chest Stretches: Clenching hands, bending the elbows, bring your elbows to the back for eight times and then straight arm, vibrate them between up forward and down backward, each arm alternately for eight times.
B: Shoulder Rotation: keep arms down, turn your shoulders in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction for four times. This movement plays a role in relaxing the muscles of shoulder, neck and upper back, promotes blood circulation and alleviate neck fatigue.
C: Neck nodding: put your hands on your waist, allow the head to go back as far as possible, and then bring it forward at a constant speed. Repeat for eight times.
D: Neck Rotation: put your hands on your waist, turn your head round to left side until it can’t easily go any further, and then turn to the right side, repeat for eight times.
The last two movements mentioned above exercise the neck muscle and cervical spine, but don’t move too fast or too slow, as well as control the extent. In addition, massage on neck and upper shoulder blade can also play a good role to relax.
If, after the training, you still feel neck discomfort, and for a long time, you are recommended to see the professional Chinese masseurs for a treatment.