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Good Diet Good Sleep -3

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Millet is China's traditional cereals, which can nourish stomach and spleen, as well as aid sleep. The tryptophan in millet comes out on top among all cereals. Meanwhile, millet can promote the secretion of insulin and raise the quantity of tryptophan into the brain. It is particularly good for the person with bad sleep due to illness to have millet congee before go to bed.
Milk is the ideal food for sleep as it contains two substances with soporific effect. One is tryptophan which can promote the brain cells to secrete the neurotransmitter-serotonin making sleep; the other is peptide which regulates physiological functions. Therefore, drinking a cup of hot milk is good for sleep, particularly for the elderly.
Honey is rich in glucose, vitamins and magnesium, phosphorus, calcium etc. It can nurture and regulate the nervous system, thus it plays a role in promoting sleep. It makes better hypnotic that adding the honey to hot milk. The mixture of honey and lemon juice even has better effect than drugs for the patients with insomnia due to neurasthenia.
Nuts are in a high mineral content, especially calcium and magnesium benefit for sleep.
Walnut is strong nourishment, which has been clinically proven to improve and enhance the sleep quality. It commonly used to treat neurasthenia, insomnia, forgetfulness and other symptoms. Mash it with black sesame, and take the mixture 15 g at bedtime, then the effect is very obvious. Boil rice, walnut, black sesame seeds together, and it can play the same role.
Longan contains extremely rich nutrients, which nourish and soothe the nerves and calm effect. Due to the unique health benefits for liver and spleen, longan is a good food for calming the nerves. It is very effective in improving sleep to drink some longan tea or sweet longan soup before sleep.