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Good Diet Good Sleep -4

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Lotus seeds contain plenty of starch and sitosterol good for heart and kidney, and can help human to nourish heart and soothe the nerves. Lotus seeds contain liensinine, troxerutin and other ingredients with calming effect as well as promoting insulin secretion and sleep. It is good food recipe for the patients with insomnia and dream to boil lotus seeds with rice or not.
Sunflower seeds contain a variety of amino acids and vitamins, so it can regulate metabolism, improve the inhibited function of brain cells and play a role of soothing the nerves. Taking some sunflower seeds after dinner not only promote digestion but also help sleep.
The most important feature of coarse grain is that the grain skin is rich in the B vitamins, which can increase serotonin, thus helps to improve sleep and maintain calm. Try to drink honey water with a piece of whole-wheat bread, take oat porridge at dinner, or even chewing some oatmeal, all the ways can play a role of calming and hypnosis.
■Give up diet habits interfering with sleep.
A. Do not drink coffee, strong tea and cocoa and other refreshing beverage before sleep. Do not eat too much dessert, which makes the blood sugar too high if not it leads to sleepless.
B. Do not eat too much at dinner; otherwise the abdominal distention will affect sleep quality.
C. Take less hot pepper, pepper, onion, garlic and other spicy food or beans, taro, corn and other foods leading to the production of gas, otherwise it will cause heartburn and stomach indigestion, which interfere with sleep.
D. Take a moderate amount of alcoholic drinks and tobacco, as both alcohol and nicotine are sleeping killers.