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Fifteen Kinds of Unhealthy Performance of the Spine -1

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You can check the health state of your spine by taking the following some simple examination on your body.
A. The heels of your shoes are often worn down into rugged surface. This appearance is usually caused by the unequal length of two legs or the imbalance of pressure along the long axis of the spine.
B. You are not able to take a comfort long, deep breath.
C. It will give a “Kata” sound when you move your jaw. This appearance is often due to the joint subluxation of neck or subluxation of hip joint.
D. The joints of neck, back or other parts of body will issue a sound of joint burst. This appearance is usually due to the locking or jamming of spine joints.
E. Head or hip is not able to twist easily or rotate the same angle to both sides, and the scope of joint movement is gradually limited.
F. If you often feel fatigue, your spine is unbalanced because the unbalanced spine consumes more energy than healthy one.
G. The mind can not be concentrated well. This appearance is due to the subluxation of spinal joints which will affect the brain health.
H. the immunity ability is weak against the diseases. This appearance is due to the subluxation of spinal joints which will affect your neuroendocrine system, which plays a very important role of against diseases and preventing the transmission of diseases.
I. It is usually a signal of subluxation of spinal joint that the pain of head, neck, waist, back, muscle or the soft tissue of joint.