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Fifteen Kinds of Unhealthy Performance of the Spine -2

Post Time:2008-07-08 [Large Middle Small] View:
J. When you walk, your tiptoe moves on the outside direction. As long as you do not intend to change, this experimental test is easy to be conducted. Focusing on the direction of your feet when walking, whether the both point to the front? Or one side has pointed to the inside or outside direction. This appearance may be due to the problems of the lower spine or hip, as well as a signal of the imbalance of the pressure of head and neck or skull base pressure.
K. One leg is shorter than the other. Lie down with your shoes on, let some one stand on your feet side and gently pull your heel straightly along the direction of your body, observe your feet, compare the location of your heels, then it will be found that one leg (usually the right one) will be shorter than the other of 0.32 to 0.254 cm.
L. The body appears bad attitude. Stand and separate your feet to shoulder width, then the weight should be distributed equally on two feet. If not, it is because your spine, head or hip is not on the center axis of your body.
M. the body always feels a continuing sense of shrinkage tension and pressure, especially a tight feeling in the muscles and joints.
N. Feel stiff back and neck. This discomfort may be a signal of subluxation of spinal joints.
O. The subluxation of spinal joints may affect your overall health, although you only feel slightly uncomfortable.