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You Can Tell the Health Status of Your Body By Face -1

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By looking at the face you can tell the health status of several organs in the body. If there is any discoloration or something not right on the face part that indicates a problem in the specific organ. It is very difficult to have a smooth flawless face. In fact, there will be some minor flaws more or less on everyone's face, meanwhile, these flaws are indicating that your body may be not in ideal status or your diet have a problem which are not easy to find out.
The small pock like marks appeared on the forehead, due to the excessive toxins contained in the liver. Then, you need to reduce the foods with a over high percentage of sugary from your diet list and avoid excessive consumption of alcohol.
Skin around the eyes
Dry skin or crackles like dry surface appearing around the eyes indicates that you need to increase the intake of vitamin B2 and B6.
Skin under the eyes
The parts under the eyes show the condition of kidneys. If there are dark circles, eye haustra or puffiness under the eyes, it can denote that you drink too much coffee and tea. It is necessary to restrict this kind of beverage by drinking much more water.
Area at Taiyang
Little acne at the Taiyang area indicates that there are too much processed foods on your table, which make your gallbladder obstruction, so you need to make clean-up inside your body as soon as possible.