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You Can Tell the Health Status of Your Body By Face -2

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The cheeks of big smoking barrels are prone to become oedematous and appear a clear micro blood vessel lines, which is the signal that your skin is lack of oxygen. The best way to avoid it is to stop smoking!
Both sides of Cheeks
If there are acnes on this part of skin, you must restrict your diet. Don’t take too many foods and eat more right foods, which help your body remove toxins, such as apple, a fruit which has great effect on gastrointestinal self-purification.
Both sides of the nose
The phenomena of blackheads or slightly dry and peeling skin on both sides of the nose, indicates that your blood circulation are not well. You can massage this part gently to improve the blood circulation in this part of skin as well as add zinc, vitamin B2 and B6 to your diet which help to improve blood circulation and greasy status in this part of skin.
If there are minor wrinkles about your mouth, you have to add a lot of iron!
In the extremely dry and cold winter, the dry, peeling, cracking lips tell you that your body is lack of Vitamin B group, so you need to add them to your diet.
The skin in this area is connected with ovary. So the changes in this area display the problem in the ovaries. If pox or acne grows here before or after the period every month, you need to body massage or lymphatic drainage to improve this symptom.