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Nine Healthy Living Habits to Prevent Cancer-1

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Cancer is a scourge of the human race, the diagnosis seems to bring death and despair. However, hope is rekindled due to medical efforts ? some  professors of pathology and immunology from Medical School of Washington University found that some cancer cells can be in a" balanced state" for several decades, which means that the cancer will not be eradicated, but it will not move on, so you may coexist with them peacefully. The healthier lifestyle you choose, the farther away from you cancer will be.
Data: the 10th National Clinical Oncology Conference released: in 2006 cancer deaths in China's 3 million, experts estimate: by 2020, the death toll will be more than 4 million. The incidence rate of lung cancer is top 1 for male and breast cancer is top 1 for female.
Experts point out:
All diseases have very close relationship with the lifestyle, and caused by the subtle influence of bad living habits. In fact, as long as we make a small change to our living habits, we can have healthy body. Then join the Cancer Clean-up at the end of year--
Cause: smoking → Effect: lung cancer
In all the cancers, the incidence rate of lung cancer is the top 1! The health survey in past few years conveyed that from 2000 to 2005, the incidence of lung cancer in China shot up to 500,000. Many people like to smoke as a means of decompression, so the increases in the number of smokers and the frequency of smoking also indicates that the pressure problem is becoming worse and worse! There is a formula for smoking and lung cancer: the number of daily cigarettes × years of smoking = smoking index, if the index is more than 400, you are in the population with high risk of the lung cancer.