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Nine Healthy Living Habits to Prevent Cancer-2

Post Time:2008-07-10 [Large Middle Small] View:

Cause: sedentary life →Effect: Gastric Cancer
In the living room with a comfortable sofa and high-definition television, you should never be the one daze in the sofa. The sedentary lifestyle after meal will lower the activity of inhibiting cancer genetic factor, and increase the risk of cancer. Japanese medical scientists have conveyed some surgery on stomach cancer patients and found that their common characteristics are eating too much food and sedentary lifestyle which make the immune factors insensitive and incompetent.
Cause: red meat → Effect: colon cancer
Do you like to eat pork, mutton and beef? ? If so, you must be careful! The nitrate levels in the cell of the people eating lots of red meat will surge. The nitrite can be attached to DNA to make it easier to mutate, thus increases the incidence of cancer. When we are in good health, the damaged DNA can repair itself. If not, the risk of cancer will increase. Fiber will help the repair process. Therefore, eating more fiber foods, less red meat and more white meat (such as fish, chicken), is the good means of preventing cancer!
Cause: no breakfast → Effect: gallbladder cancer
No breakfast not only is a common bad habit of busy people but also a reason of gallstones and gallbladder cancer. After the eight hours of sweet sleep, a lot of bile is in gallbladder, and the timely meal can promote normal bile secretion and excretion. If not, however, do not eat breakfast, the plot of bile in the gallbladder will be formed in the stone, causing the gallbladder metabolic disorder. As far as possible keeping the life tenure is the key for health. So we should eat breakfast!