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Nine Healthy Living Habits to Prevent Cancer-3

Post Time:2008-07-10 [Large Middle Small] View:
Cause: anxiety → Effect: breast Cancer
Many women attach great importance to emotional life, and consider that a good sex life is a lubricant for health and beauty. In the health philosophy of Chinese medicine, “No desire and less demand” is an important concept. Why? The stability and balance of hormone level are the keys to health. Although good sexual life has good effect on relax body for a while, but because of the role of female hormones, they need the sex regularly. Once there is irregular sex life, their desires are not to meet then the level of the hormone will be imbalanced. Some emotion such as anxiety, anger and depression will lead to breast hyperplasia, thereby trigger breast cancer.
Cause: many sexual partners → Effect: cervical cancer
To be very frank, woman with no sex life will not  get the risk of cervical cancer, as the cervical cancer is linked to "improper sexual life" closely: such as the frequent sexual intercourse, no attention to sexual health, many sexual partners, early sexual intercourse history…… It is a series of inflammatory reactions due to long-term stimulation or chronic infection of the female cervical cells. At present, the lately developed  "cervical cancer vaccine" has been launched as a choice of protective measure for the female sex life to inject.
Cause: night living → Effect: leukemia
Irregular lifestyle such as night living, night shifts will bring one consequence: They destroyed the human melatonin production, a kind of antioxidant. Melatonin is active from 9:00 in the night to 8:00 in the morning and its role is to protect against oxidation of DNA damage, inhibit cancer cells, prevent and restore cancer.