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Nine Healthy Living Habits to Prevent Cancer-4

Post Time:2008-07-10 [Large Middle Small] View:
But if you do not sleep at night, it will destroyed the body's biological clock normal mode, and the interference of artificial light, will increase the risk of cancers such as leukemia, breast cancer and prostate cancer.
Cause: toilet paper in poor quality → Effect: gynecological cancer
Some girls are usually used to paying great attention to their own clothes, and willing to spend a lot of money on it. While in choosing toilet paper and other living goods, they would buy cheap goods on the street and think it is no matter! As everyone knows, the color of some low-grade toilet paper due to the fluorescent brighteners or talcum powder added in it, long-term contact with which will make the skin easily trigger leukemia, and some is also available in the use of waste paper from the bleaching process, which may contain E. coli bacteria and hepatitis virus. Therefore, you should never pay low attention to the small health supplies and buy a certain brand with quality guarantee, to get real protection of clean and health of private parts of your body.
Cause: perfume → Effect: lung cancer and others
Good smell is the flavor of many girls, so even the little toilet they wouldn’t ignore. They always choose some flavor products to cover bad smell. These seemingly aromatic supplies are in fact chemical compounds, and long-term absorption may induce lung cancer and other cancers. Therefore, unless you choose a natural extract of the perfume, or storage of natural plants, otherwise opening window to get fresh air is the healthiest way to get rid of bad smell.