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Healthy Diet Tips: Extensive Intake of Soybean Product or Meat is Unhealthy

Post Time:2008-07-01 [Large Middle Small] View:
Meat product contains great number of animal oil, which is the highest calorie nutrient, so meat is a kind of high-calorie food. The calories provided by protein and fat lead to overweight. Thus, cardiovascular disease is the top 1 cause of death in America. The intake of a wide variety of meat will also increase the opportunities for many types of cancer; therefore, cancer is the second cause of death in America.
Soybean also has its shortcomings: the quality of its protein is inferior to that in eggs, milk, meat and fish, the kinds of amino acids are incomplete. The more intakes of soybean products, the higher value of uric acid will be which leads to gout.
So the patients with cold stomach, diarrhea and abdominal distention, should not take many soybean products.
Eggs are nutrient-rich foods, containing protein, fat, vitellin, lecithin, vitamin and iron, calcium, potassium and other minerals needed by the human body.
The proteins in eggs have a high digestibility and nutritional quality, it contains all the amino acids necessary to life-sustaining and promoting the growth and development.
Eggs are rich in DHA and lecithin, which play great role the physical development and the nervous system. It can improve the memory of all ages.
Eggs contain much vitamin B2, and it can decompose and oxidize the carcinogenic substances. The trace elements in eggs also have anti-cancer effects.
Proteins in eggs can repair the liver damage. Lecithin in yolk can promote the regeneration of liver cells.
However, the person with coronary heart disease should not eat too many eggs; the best is taking no more than one daily. Patients with hypercholesterolemia, particularly in severe, should stay way from eggs, or do not eat egg yolks.