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Five Time for Health Benefit -1

Post Time:2008-07-02 [Large Middle Small] View:
A. Time for dessert but no fat
A cup of black coffee ( coffee without sugar and cream) from half to one hour after lunch, not only helps digestion, but also promotes fat burning. If you not only like coffee, but also dessert, the best time to enjoy the dessert is 11:00 am before lunch, because most of the fat taken at this time will be consumed as energy, and then it will not be accumulated in the body. A little tip for the women who want to lose weight: dinner serves before 18:00.
TIPS: The black coffee is a low-calorie healthy drink. In addition, it plays role of decomposing fat? increasing the discharge of urine ? anti-aging ? promoting cardiovascular circulation, which can be compared favorably with fruits and vegetables. It’s no need to worry about a browning of skin resulting from drinking black coffee, on the contrary, it is also available in the role of beauty, regular drinking may light you up.
B. No tea after meal
Many people prefer to drink tea right after a meal. In fact, it isn’t a scientific custom. Indiscriminately drinking tea will not play the role of health care, or even make the body worse. Because an insoluble iron salt, formed when the tannic acid in tea is mixed with the iron in food, interferes with iron absorption, a long-term interference easily induced iron deficiency anemia. The best time for tea is one hour after meal. And don’t drink tea on an empty stomach as it reduces digestive function, and causes gastritis after a long term serve.