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Five Time for Health Benefit -2

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TIPS: In the menstrual period, the blood will use up lot of the iron in the body. So the body needs supplement of iron-rich foods at this time, or the extra iron supplementary. Tea will hinder the absorption of iron of the intestinal mucosa and greatly reduce iron absorption efficiency.
C. Time for tonic
Often accompany with fast food, quick food and an overload of work, many women are concerned about their nutritional imbalance, so they bring various small tonics pills a fashionable habit for lady.  What is the best time for tonic? Studies show that: 8:00am, when the absorb function of digestive system is at the lowest level, is the best time for taking vitamins supplements; takes iron supplement at 7:00pm rather than in the morning; the level of calcium in the body is low from midnight to early morning, therefore, taking calcium before sleep can make calcium fully absorption and utilization.
TIPS: Some anti-inflammatory, antipyretic analgesic drugs such as aspirin, various painkillers, ibuprofen and so on may work better taken at 7:00 am; taking anti-allergy drugs such as cyproheptadine, chlorpheniramine, and so on at 7:00 in the morning can get the longest duration of efficacy; taking catharsis drugs such as phenolphthalein tablets and rhubarb-soda tablets on empty stomach before sleep at night can most effectively eliminate gastrointestinal stagnation; taking promoting digestion drugs such as Wei Shu Ping, Aluminum Hydroxide in half an hour after a meal, while the good time to take stomachic tonic is before meal.