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Five Time for Health Benefit -3

Post Time:2008-07-02 [Large Middle Small] View:
D.18:00 is the good time to be a mother
To be in pregnancy successfully, 5:00pm to 7:00pm is the right time to make love. At this time both the number and quality of sperm have reached a peak and super ability, that is, it is the most vulnerable time for sperm and egg to be in love. Another strong evidence is that, because of hormones, 3:00pm to 7:00pm is the female ovulation time. The researchers even believe that those discoveries are helpful for the couples with fertility problems.
TIPS: the frequency of sex plays a key role for the success of pregnancy: the semen will be in best state if men of reproductive age have sex once every two days. Excessive sex or abstinence over a five-day extension, will decline the semen quality, thus affect the rate of fecundability. In addition, the age of 30 to 35-year-old man bring the most health generations.
E. Two hours after meal to enjoy yogurt
When you are starving, it is better not to eat yogurt, because the lactic acid bacteria in the yogurt are susceptible to be killed by gastric acid when fasting. Thus yogurt's health role will be weakened. But about two hours after a meal, stomach acidity is most suitable for the growth of lactic acid bacteria, when the yogurt plays good effect. Especially after the two hour dinner is the best option: from the perspective of calcium, drinking yogurt or milk before go to bed, can compensate for the low state of calcium at night to protect bones.
TIPS: yogurt can not be mixed with some drugs. Some antibiotics as chloramphenicol, erythromycin, and sulfa drugs can kill or damage the lactic acid bacteria in the yogurt to make it lose health effect. In addition, the lactic acid in yogurt has corrosive effect on the teeth strongly and easy to cause tooth decay. So it is better to wash mouth or brush teeth right after drinking it.