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Not Drink Those Soups At Dinner

Post Time:2008-04-28 [Large Middle Small]admin View:

Experts remind that meat soups are greasy and high in calories, so they aren’t suitable for consumption at dinner, better to take in the morning or at noon.
Rib soup provides anti-aging protecting. There are special nutrient and collagen protein in rib soup which can promote microcirculation. It is the term from 50 to 59 in which human microcirculation changes from peak to valley, and bone ages fast. Bone soup is helpful to achieve the efficacy which is inaccessible for drugs.

Fish soups are anti-asthma. Fish soups contain a special kind of fatty acids, which has anti-inflammatory effects, can be used to treat pulmonary respiratory inflammation, help for asthma prevention, especially for child asthma.
Chicken soups are helpful to cold. Chicken, esp. mother chicken soup has special nutrients, which can expedite the blood circulation of throat and bronchial membrane, increase mucus secretion, and timely remove respiratory viruses, ease cough, dry and sore throat and other symptoms. Some kelp and mushrooms can be put inside of chicken soups.
Experts cautioned that long-burning heating can destroy the vitamin in the dishes; heating 1 ~ 1.5 hours helps to receive more ideal nutrition, when the ratio of power consumption and nutritional value is better.
Put tomato in beef soups. When cooking beef soups, put one or two tomatoes in the soup can increase the content of lycopene, and the fruit acid can tenderize beef fiber to make the meat more delicious.
Pig’s feet soups should not be taken a lot. As the collagen protein of the soups can not be totally absorbed, thus brings problems to digestive system. When you have to eat, cook it with vegetables and lotus root.