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Eight Bogies To Access To Healthy Sleep

Post Time:2008-04-28 [Large Middle Small]admin View:

First bogy: Eating before bedtime. This will bring added burdens to intestines and stomach which could easily lead to indigestion, physical damage, negatively affect sleep as well.
Second bogy: Drinking tea before bedtime. The caffeine in tea can stimulate the central nervous system to cause excitement. So drinking tea before bedtime makes it difficult to fall asleep, and excessive drinking tea easily leads to frequent nocturnal enuresis which would affect sleep.
Third bogy: Emotional agitation before bedtime. The surge of emotion will cause the disorder of qi and blood not only resulting in insomnia, but also damaging the body.
Fourth bogy: Too much entertainment before bedtime. Excessive entertainment before bedtime, especial prolonged, stressing and exciting activities, will cause the nerve continually excited, and make it difficult to sleep.
Fifth bogy: Too much talk before bedtime bogey. Speaking too much when lying will injure the lung qi, as well as exciting people, thus affects sleep.
Sixth bogy: Covering face while sleeping. It makes it difficult in breathing that you have your face covered when sleep, because the air does not circulate, in bedding’s oxygen is insufficient; the body will not be able to obtain the enough oxygen supply which extremely negatively affect the health.
Seventh bogy: Open mouth when sleep. It the best way to maintain original qi that shutting mouth when sleep. If open mouth when breathing, the inhalation of cold air and dust will hurt the lungs, as a result the stomach will catch cold.
Eighth bogy: Suffering wind when sleep. In the state of sleep, the human ability to adapt to environmental change is dropped, and makes them vulnerable to the invasion of wind pathogen. Therefore, we should sleep in the warm environment to avoid the wind blowing straight.