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Quit Four Eating Habits Injurious To Your Stomach

Post Time:2008-04-14 [Large Middle Small]admin View:

Eating is an essential activity for everyone, but following four eating habits are harmful to the stomach.
Eat "left" rice: Many people are used to eating the leftover, but re-heated left rice is difficult to digest. If you eat such rice for a long time, may cause stomach problems. Because the main ingredient of rice is starch, and starch will gradually expanded when heated to above 60 ℃, and ultimately into a paste, a process known as "paste", which can be easily digested by the digestive enzymes in human body. When cooling gelatinized starch, an "ageing" phenomenon occurs, that greatly reduces the human ability to digest starch. Therefore, long-term consumption of this re-heated food is prone to indigestion or even a stomach disease.
Eat "processed meat ": excessive consumption of processed meat, such as salt meet, sausage, bacon, will increase the risk of developing gastric cancer. Because processed meat is normally pickled, smoked, or joined the nitrate, in order to extend its shelf life and these processing methods lead to the increase in the incidence of gastric cancer.
Eat fast food: fried fast food is relatively crisp, hard. If the hard fried food has not been adequately chew before to swallow, it will directly damage the gastric mucosa when it touch the gastric mucosa during stomach wiggle. If gastric mucosa isn’t repaired, it will lead to inflammation, ulcer etc. Moreover for patients with stomach problems, the illness will increase.
Drink tea to dealcoholic: Civil popular drink tea to dealcoholic after drink. In fact drinking green tea and wine together is harmful to health. Because of the caffeine in green tea, if it mixed with wine, they will stimulate gastric mucosa, so drinking tea after drink will cause various stomach problems instead of dealcoholic.