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Grilled Celery A Home Cooking Contribute to the Prevention of Various Diseases -2

Post Time:2008-04-07 [Large Middle Small]admin View:
However, they may not eat any more after they eat only a few of celery, because the water content of celery is great which is apt to make the human feel full very soon. But if it is roasted, the celery would be relatively taken more, and it will not feel so boring to take it in a different way.
If diabetic patients take grilled celery every day, the dietary fiber which is rich in it is able to slow the absorption of sugar and prevent a rapid increase of blood glucose level in the body after they have meal.
The approach to process the grilled celery is very simple: use a fresh celery root (for the three-person household), then wash it clean, dry the water on the surface, then cut it into the segment about 4-5 cm long, cut the thick part of it thinner. Then put it into an oven or a microwave oven, bake with weak fire stalls, when the celery is roasted into light brown color, the cooking is finished. If you want to taste better, you can just put some lemon juice on it for seasoning before taking it which can not only eliminate the smell of grilled cooking, but also add some vitamin C which is destroy by heating.
Eating about 60 grams of grilled celery for each day is ok. And you can eat it at any time. It could be better if you taken it on the empty stomach. In accordance with Chinese medicine theory, it helps to the circulation of Qi and blood that eating in the morning.