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Grilled Celery A Home Cooking Contribute to the Prevention of Various Diseases -1

Post Time:2008-04-07 [Large Middle Small]admin View:
it can help to prevent thrombosis.
Sun Shuxia, a professor from China Health Care Association Food and Nutrition Institute for Security Studies, introduces that foreign-related research shows that the super thick aroma when celery is roasted is Azobenzene which is the most important healthy component of celery. The largest role of Azobenzene is the prevention of thrombosis, thus it plays a preventive role of myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction which are caused by the thrombosis. Moreover, after celery is cooked in the "roast" process, Its effect can be further improved more. In addition, eating grilled celery also help to promote weight loss and metabolism because Azobenzene in it can decomposes fat and protein rapidly.
In daily life, there are many people who are already very familiar with celery‘s helpful role of lowing blood pressure, because celery contains a lot of potassium which can be easily absorbed and used by the human body. So as long as any member of the family is suffering from high blood pressure, doctors and other family members would try to make them have some celery.