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Right Drugs For Treating Cough In Spring -2

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Chinese traditional medicine for cough:
With thick yellow sputum with hard expectoration, thirst and sore throat, you can use Chuan Bei Zhi Ke Pi Pa Lu, She Dan Chuan Bei Liquor, Sang Ju Cold tablets, Luo Han Guo granules, etc.
Headache, stuffy nose, runny nose, itch pharynx, thin sputum, better use Ban Xia Lu, Xiao Qing Long mixture, She Dan Chen Pi powder, Tong Xuan Li Fei pill.
With dry cough without phlegm, dry mouth and nose, dry and sore throat, better use Xue Li Gao, Chuan Bei Xue Li syrup, Ju Hong pill etc.
With thick yellow sputum, hard expectoration, thirsty, dry tongue coating yellow, red yellow urine, better use Pi Pa Ye Gao, Qing Qi Hua Tan pill, Zhi Sou Tai He pill.
With chronic Cough, thin sputum, asthma, short breath and feeling cold, better use Ren Shen Bao Fei pill, Yang Yin Qing Fei pill.
Each of chemical drugs and Chinese traditional medicine has its effect on cough and phlegm: Chemical drugs are directly and quickly effective on symptoms mainly on the basis of the reasons in respiratory tract causing cough, but they need to be used with other drugs for comprehensive treatment, such as with antibiotics for respiratory tract infections at the same time and with cold drugs for cold; although it start to be effective more slowly than chemical drugs do, in the right circumstances the commonly used Chinese traditional medicine are invaluable with temporary and permanent cure which has been highly appreciated by the patients. Patients should rationally use it in accordance with the physician’s recommendation and the specific conditions.