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Right Drugs For Treating Cough In Spring -1

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Viewed from physiology, the cough is the body’s protective way of getting phlegm or other invading pollution out of the airway to keep the respiratory tract clean and clear for good health. Therefore, it needn’t to treat the occasional mild cough, which will be released as the exclusion of sputum. However, the more frequent and severe cough will affect people's work, life and learning, then it should be treated in accordance with symptoms by drugs effective to cough and phlegm.
Chemical drug for cough:
Ke Bi Qing (Pentoxyverine Citrate) commonly used in the acute upper respiratory inflammation resulting in frequent cough and pertussis, the role of local anesthesia. No addiction, safe use, and does not apply to patients who ease in bringing up sputum, if not the conditions aggravated by too much phlegm easily aroused.
Bi Sou Ping (Bromhexine Hydrochloride Tablets) is a mucolytic to make the phlegm thinner and easy to expectoration. It has effect after serving one hour, and the effect for 6-8 hours. It is indicated to acute and chronic bronchitis, asthma, some symptoms as dyspnea due to bronchiectasis. Used with cautions in patients with peptic ulcer.
Yi Ke Jing (Acetylcysteine) is indicated to acute and chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, thick sputum and difficult expectoration caused by emphysema.
Ammonium Chloride Tablets can increase the secretion of bronchial gland to dilute sputum; taking after melt in warm water; used with cautions in renal patients.
Compound codeine liquor (Anticol) can be used for other cough medicines ineffective after treatment; it is a prescription drug with addiction, and can’t be used excessively or in long-term.