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Health Guide: Soy Milk or Milk, which is More Nutritious?-1

Post Time:2008-03-18 [Large Middle Small]admin View:

Some people from national leading group of Soybean Action Plan said: Soy milk is a kind of daily nutritional drink which is as nutritive as milk. Its health benefits are even more than milk’s. There are some unique factors in soybean such as soyasaponins, isoflavones, lecithin which have very high value for health. Soy milk is "cardio-cerebral vascular nutriment" and is a "star on the table." of 21st Century.

Soybean Milk PK Milk: which is better?
Fresh soy milk is rich in high quality protein and a wide range of trace elements required for the human body, known as the "green milk," its nutritional value is similar to milk and the content of protein is up to 2.56% even higher than that of milk, which is high-quality vegetable protein;

Soy milk is an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, as its iron content is 25 times more than that of milk. Soy milk contains no cholesterol or lactose. Most people in our country can’t tolerate lactose rich in the milk. Lactose must be digested before the body can use. The enzyme lactase plays a key role in this process, while it is lack in most Asians. That is why a lot of people will experience diarrhea after drinking milk.

In addition, soy milk contains dozens of nutritive substances such as unsaturated fatty acids and soyasaponin, isoflavones, lecithin etc. It has many health benefits including reduction of cholesterol, prevention of many diseases as hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes etc, as well as enhancing immunity, retarding aging.