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Proper Way to Taking Medicine

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The correct medication is taking medicine with boiled water. While some people use unsafe and wrong methods when they take oral drugs such as swallowing without water, with tea or coffee, milk, carbonated drink even with alcohol. You maybe have a question why these methods are unsafe. This is because:

1. Taking without water: if you taking pill or other oral drugs without any water, the pill will rub the throat and esophagus. Without water lubrication, the friction makes it easy that pill glues to the esophagus, and stimulate the esophageal mucosa which leads to mucosa ulcers or erosive lesions. So it is necessary to taking medicine with water

2. Taking with tea or coffee: tea and coffee contain tannins, which is easy to interact with certain substances in the drug to affect the drug efficacy. For example, the main ingredient of hematinic, a drug that increases the amount of hemoglobin in the blood, taken by the patient, who have anemia, is iron. Tannins in the tea or coffee interacts with iron to form a new iron compound, which is difficult to be decomposed and absorbed and affects the body's absorption of iron.

3. Taking with milk: Some drugs can not be washed down with the milk, such as Tetracycline antibiotics. Because milk contains large amounts of calcium and magnesium, which can damaged antibiotics in the gastrointestinal, thus reduces drug efficacy.

4. Taking with alcohol: the liver is an important organ not only for drug metabolism, but also for the decomposition of alcohol. If taking the wine and medicine at the same time, it will increase the burden on the liver, and the toxic substances store in the liver causing liver damage.