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Adverse Drug-Food Medication Interactions-2

Post Time:2008-03-18 [Large Middle Small]admin View:
ch ? calcium: spinach is high in oxalic acid, which decomposed oxalate ions to precipitate calcium ions in the human body. So it not only hinders calcium absorption, but also easily leads to calcium oxalate stones formation.

Cheese, meat - allergy drug: histidine is rich in cheese and meat, and it is transformed into histamine in the human body. But allergy drug inhibits histamine decomposition, resulting in histamine accumulation in humans which induces dizziness, headache, palpitation, and other symptoms.

Milk ? antidiarrheal drug: milk can not only reduce antidiarrheal drug efficacy, but the lactose it contains also easily make diarrhea heavier.

Bananas, oranges ? diuretics: when taking diuretics, potassium will be stranded in the blood. Eating potassium-rich bananas, oranges at the same time can make the accumulation of potassium more serious and easily induce complications of heart and blood pressure.

Shrimp - vitamin C: don’t eat shrimp within 2 hours before and after taking vitamin C. Because the shrimp is rich in copper which causes VC having no effect with oxidation react. At the same time, arsenic 5 in shrimp interacts with vitamin C to form the toxic "arsenic 3”.

Radish - tonic herbs: radish can greatly reduce nourishing effect of tonic, so these two things can not be taken at the same time.

Grapefruit juice - antihypertensive drug: naringin in the grapefruit juice can increase the side effects significantly because it can affect some live enzyme which plays an important role in antihypertensive drug metabolism and cause excessive concentration of drug in the blood.