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Misunderstanding of Drug Addiction: Not Take Sleeping Pills to Treat Insomnia-2

Post Time:2008-03-14 [Large Middle Small]admin View:

For many people who suffer from a condition known as insomnia, even if long-term use of sleeping pills, if the amount of medicine doesn’t increase, we can not call it addiction but a drug helpful to sleep. Currently only a handful of people with insomnia have drug addiction.

However, Dr. Chen reminded that never take sleeping pill with wine together otherwise alcohol not only brings possible side effects, but also make the sleep problem worse.

"Alcohol can bring pleasant experience, to make the cerebral cortex less active for a very short term. Once the feeling gone, like the compressed spring, the rebound even more formidable, the brain will be more exciting and this is why the drunken people couldn’t get back to asleep after they sober up in the midnight." Dr. Chen said.

Related commonly used medicine can also cause drug addiction

Dr. Chen said, in other provinces, the number of people attributed to drug addiction has been gradually increasing using ecstasy and other new types of drug. The drug addiction and mental illness will occur at the same time.

Experts remind that in addition to drugs, some commonly used drugs are also likely to cause addiction, some cough syrup containing codeine, ephedrine. However, these Syrups have been identified as prescription drugs which are required to provide a doctor's prescription to buy.

In addition, even some cold medicines like the compound Licorice tablets, Aspirin, Tramadol may also lead to addiction.

Dr. Chen said that addiction is different from physical dependence or tolerance. Taking the same amount of drug most people will have no bad reaction but a little majority will be addictive. Therefore, the medication must follow the doctor’s order.