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Fitness Information for Men 2008 Spring Collection-3

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Beauty can be DIY

While mentioning the beauty, now some men have already come to beauty salons, where you can get the overall skin care. But this time we introduce two beauty methods which can be processed at home. One is steam beauty care, cover a pot of boiling water with a towel which is made in the shape of pockets, after the water temperature dropped slightly, put the head into the towel pocket, face above the water surface about 10 cm, close the eyes, maintain 10 minutes, when the temperature was decreased significantly steam reduced then have a break, paint some skin care products special for man. The other is gunny beauty. Beauty experts believe that with burlap to clean face, can promote blood circulation, and speed up the exfoliation of daily dead cell from the skin surface which makes the skin more served, flexible. A man with smooth skin is fascinating.

In sports apparel

When a Serious, restrained, orthodox and daily with briefcase office man is in sportswear instead of the suit and tie, you will find that he is the most dazzling and the most charisma, as long as in the colors, styles suitable for their own sportswear, which also to convey a personal letter to the taste and aesthetic appeal. National character is the most popular topic in the area of fashion, sportswear for man with folk art will be more appealing.

From now on, everything is a new beginning. In thus a cool spring, fashionable men, join the ranks of planning for their health. Then you will find it very easily to be romantic and fascinating.