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Smiling for 15 Minutes Each Day Makes Your Heart Healthier

Post Time:2006-08-17 [Large Middle Small]admin View:

The US scientists have recently released their two research results which indicate that smile could invigorate and delight one’s spirit and be beneficial to the heart as well.

During the research, the scientists chose 20 comedies and tragedies, and let 20 volunteers who are healthy no-smokers at an average age of 33 to watch them. While they were watching the comedies and tragedies, the scientists checked the tiny changes in their blood vessels. The result showed that the volume of blood flow of the arms’ arteries of 14 out of the 20 volunteers decreased while they were watching tragedies; on the contrary, the volume of 19 out of the 20 volunteers increased while watching comedies. The scientists then drew the conclusion that the volume of blood flow could increase by 22 % while smiling, but it will drop by 35 % when people are under mental pressure.

The experts expressed that smile can reach the same effects as aerobic exercises to some extent, and smile can keep us away from the bodily hurt which might be caused by physical exercises. One of the experts also said: “we recommend people to participate in the physical exercises 3 times a week, and 30 minutes for each time; moreover, we should smile for 15 minutes everyday, which is very beneficial to our health.”