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Iced Watermelon May Cause Stomach Trouble

Post Time:2006-08-02 [Large Middle Small]admin View:

Recently, many people suffer from stomachache, pharyngitis, toothache and some other adverse reactions after eating iced watermelons. Due to the situation, doctors remind us that it is an unscientific habit to eat iced watermelons.

In summer, watermelon is the best food to relieve the summer heat. Most people will store the watermelons in the refrigerator for a while before eating them, and even some old people enjoy the iced watermelons.

A doctor from Shanghai 455 Hospital said that, the watermelon is cold in nature and sweet in flavor, and the water in the pulp will coagulate into ice crystal after being stored in the refrigerator. Then, while eating the watermelon, the oral cavity will suffer an abrupt stimulation, which lowers the temperature of the gustatory nerves of the salivary gland and tongue promptly and further induce pharyngitis, toothache and other adverse reactions.

Moreover, the over eating of iced watermelon may hurt spleen and stomach, affect the secretion of the gastric juice, abate the appetite, and further cause indigestion. For the elderly who suffer from the hypofunction of the digestive organs, eating iced watermelon might lead to anorexia, diarrhea and some other gastrointestinal tract diseases.