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Be Cautious to Administer OTC to Children

Post Time:2006-06-14 [Large Middle Small]admin View:

When children suffer from some minor illness or chronic diseases that have been diagnosed, the parents could administer OTC drugs to them in accordance with the doctors’ advice. However, the parents should also pay high attention to the following several points:

First, distinguish the illness and “shoot the arrow at the target”: children’s resistance is relatively feeble, and their accommodation force to the outside world is weak, so they are likely to get sick. As the parents, it is very inappropriate for them to give the children drugs without thorough check. Fever, for instance, is only a symptom which might be caused by various reasons. If the parents misuse drugs to the children suffering from fever, they will cover up the normal state of illness and delay the treatment. As a result, only if the illness, such as the fever caused by common cold, is absolutely told, can the parents administer the antipyretic analgesic to the children. Moreover, if the state of illness doesn’t turn any better after 3 days, the parents should take the children to doctors.

Second, choose drugs carefully and hold the dosage: although the OTC drugs are safer than the prescription-drug, yet the misuse could be dangerous. For example, some antipyretic analgesic may induce hematuria or hepatotoxicity. Even OTC drugs like Vitamin A or Vitamin D could not be overused either, because it might lead to toxic reaction, which affects the children’s growth and development.

Third, store properly and prevent accidents: any drug should be put in the place that children cannot approach. In addition, common drugs require to be preserved in a shady and cool place. Eyedrops should be stored in refrigerator at the temperature of 4℃ in case of the drug transformation.