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Healthy Life, Human’s Common Pursuit

Post Time:2006-06-09 [Large Middle Small]admin View:集团企划部

Health is the biggest treasure of mankind, and it has become the common pursuit in man’s life to care for life and attend to health. Health is comprised of four meanings in different levels: first is healthy body, which means the intact body structure and normal physiological function; second is mental health; third is moral health; fourth is good social adaptability.

In 1992, the WHO appealed to people to realize the four cornerstones of human health in the Victoria Declaration: appropriate diet, suitable exercise, no smoking and limitary drinking, mental balance. The Declaration also illustrated the close relation between life style and health.

According the statistic given by medical researches, in the causation of chronic diseases, hereditary elements account for 15 %, social elements 10 percents, climatic elements for 7 %, medical condition for 8 %, and personal life style for 60 %, which indicates the chronic diseases are mainly induced and determined by the personal life style.

In the year of 1997, America did a research project of human’s life style. The project advocates that the healthy life style should contain 8 aspects: nutrition, exercise, water, sunlight, temperance, air, rest, and trust. If the initials of these 8 words are combined, we can get a new word: NEWSTART which means a fresh starting point in Chinese.


In a word, healthy life is the prerequisite for modern people to pursuit the constant prosperity of their career, family and themselves. Only if the healthy life style is established and keeping fit by individualized healthy service, can people survive in the modern society that is filled with fierce competition.