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Strenuous Exercise Could Lead to Anemia

Post Time:2006-05-31 [Large Middle Small]admin View:Health China (
: 200%">As we all know, physical exercises make people strong, healthy, and longevous. However, after strenuous exercise, some people might have a pale face, get palpitation and short breath, and feel dizzy and weak all over. Doctors have found that except the red-cells and Hb in the blood are in a fairly low level, all the other statistics are within the normal range, so doctors diagnose it as “exercise anemia” which is mainly caused by erythroclasis and the decomposition of the red-cells.

Anemia has a series of symptoms, and it means that the red-cells and Hb in the blood are in a lower level. So, why exercises can lead to anemia?

Two reasons may explain it:

First: after strenuous exercise, erythroclasis happens in man’s body, and the Hb slips out of the red-cells, then the function of transporting oxygen and emitting carbon dioxide might fail to effect.

Second: heave perspiration makes iron in the blood flow with sweat away. When people are doing sports, iron which is crucial for the body to produce blood flow out of the body with heave perspiration, and if the iron lost is not supplemented in time, iron-deficiency anemia will happen.


To prevent exercise anemia, one should firstly strengthen the nutrition supply, which can guarantee the provision of sufficient protein and iron. Moreover, take part in physical exercise step by step, and make sure not to exceed the physiological stress tolerance limit. In addition, taking some antioxidant, such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E, can strengthen the red-cells’ antioxidation ability. At last, if the symptoms of exercise anemia appear, one should cut down the workout, and supplement protein, iron, Vitamin B12 and some other hemopoietic materials, then the symptoms will disappear or at least be alleviated.