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Say ?°no?± to Senile Dementia

Post Time:2006-05-31 [Large Middle Small]admin View:Health China (
Decline of memory and thinking and the retardation of reaction are the symptoms of cerebral hypofunction of the elderly. As people’s age increases, the cerebral nerve cells undergo through a process of aging and death, which influences the memory and thinking profoundly. Therefore, amnesia, the decline of thinking and retardation of reaction are prone to happen upon the elderly, which are called cerebral involution.

To keep off and alleviate the cerebral involution, the elderly should pay attention to the following aspects in their daily life:
First, strike a balance between work and rest. When doing brain work, one should act according to his or her own capacity, rationally arrange the work and rest, and avoid the overusing of brain.
Second, balance the nutrition. To live with a plain diet, one should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, fish and bean food, less sugar, high fat and high calorie food in order to prevent cerebrovascular diseases.

Third, supplement the nutrition. One should supplement the normal diet with some nutrients that are beneficial to cerebrum. Protein, for instance, could be useful to regulate the neural excitation; DHA can improve memory and thinking; Vitamin C, E and beta carotene can prevent the damage caused by the free radicals to cerebrum.

Finally, some health care products which are able to improve the cerebral blood circulation and memory could also be taken along with the supplementation of nutrition.