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Guard Your Auricular Health

Post Time:2006-05-23 [Large Middle Small]admin View:
lement has thrown the sufferers into agony.

The newborns’ hearing disorder is mainly caused by medicine, inheritance, infection, disease, noise, accidents, etc. If the hearing injurer can be found before 2 years old, the children should be given hearing aids and professional long-term hearing and language training as soon as possible, which may relieve their illness.

It is also crucial for those without hearing illness to take good care of their ears: pay attention to the food hygiene, and try to eat less high fat food; abstain from smoking and drinking; treat and control the auricular diseases to avoid infection and damage to the auricular organs; avoid damage by high decibel noise and high pressure, and learn self-protection; be cautious when using external use medicine for ears; keep a healthy and placid mind; take some physical exercises properly.