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Eyedrops, Use Moderately

Post Time:2006-05-22 [Large Middle Small]admin View:

Eyedrops are used when one has operated computer for a long time or has got sour eyes. Nowadays, people have been pursuing the “optical comfortableness” in terms of eye health. An investigation has shown that over half of the computer users have ever used various kinds of eyedrops, and about one third of them have been mentally dependent on eyedrops. Most people think that eyedrops will be harmful in no way, but that is not the fact.

Wang Jianrong, vice physician in charge from Jinan 2nd People’s Hospital of Shandong Province said that those who suffer from the sensation of itch and dryness of the eyes (usually caused by chronic conjunctivitis) often buy some health ocular medicines and use them without the guidance of doctors, which might be harmful to their eyes. 

According to the analysis of relevant experts, many daily used eyedrops contain antibiotics (such as chloramphenicol), which cannot be used chronically. First, they may cause some side effects; besides, they may bring allergy and drug resistance. Moreover, most of the eyedrops contain preservatives, and long-term use will not only harm the corneal epithelium, but also cause serious damage to the conjunctiva goblet cells, which might lead to xerophthalmia. In the mean time, the long-term use of antibiotic eyedrops could cause flora disequilibrium of the conjunctival sac, while the long-term use of hormonal eyedrops may induce corticosteroid glaucoma which is difficult to diagnose and cure.

Experts suggest, therefore, it is inappropriate or even harmful to buy and use any kind of eyedrops without the prescription and guidance of doctors. Eyedrops should be used moderately.