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Bad Habits Harm the Cerebral Health

Post Time:2006-05-22 [Large Middle Small]admin View:

It is reported by the Hongkong Business Newspaper that the research personnel has found that bad habits such as long-term overeating and sleeping with face veiled can be harmful to the cerebral health.

1. Long-term Overeating: it may lead to cerebral arteriosclerosis, cerebral premature senility and intellectual deterioration.

2. Underestimate Breakfast: skipping breakfast can make the blood sugar lower than normal necessity, which means that the cerebrum can’t absorb enough nutrition which is pernicious.

3. Habitually Smoking: the research conducted by German medical experts shows habitually smoking can cause senile demensia.

4. Insufficient Sleep: sleep is the main method for the cerebrum to rest. Long-term insufficient sleep will accelerate the involution of the cerebral cells.

5. Reticency: often talking can promote the development of cerebrum and practice the cerebral functions.

6. Air Pollution: low oxygen proportion in the air will reduce the work efficiency of the cerebrum.

7. Sleeping with Face Veiled: with the concentration of carbon dioxide inside the quilt goes up, the oxygen concentration will accordingly drop down, and the air will get damp, all of which are detrimental to one’s cerebrum.