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Red Wine Can Keep off Hearing Loss and Heart Disease

Post Time:2006-05-22 [Large Middle Small]admin View:

It is reported by Hongkong Wenhui Newspaper that US medical experts have released in the News Scientists their research result that red wine contains an antioxidant named reveratrol which can neutralize the oxygen free radicals (OFR) in the inner ear, which means drinking red wine can prevent the hearing loss of the elderliness.


The American medical expert Shahert and his research team divided the patients into two groups. One group of patients took aspirins first and then antibiotics; the other took placeboes and antibiotics. The result showed that the damage of vellus hair of the inner ear of the first group dropped down by 75%.

Shahert explained that the long-term influence by the oxygen free radicals to the pili of the inner ear could cause hearing loss, and the antioxidants in the red wine could neutralize those free radicals and then keep off the hearing loss of the elderliness.

The research also pointed out that taking green tea and aspirin may come to the same effect as the red wine. The research staff also added that drinking wine properly could prevent cancers and heart disease.