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Medical research experts remind you: it is beneficial to eat scallions in spring

Post Time:2006-04-24 [Large Middle Small]admin View:Xiamen Daily Newspaper 28th, March

“Eat scallion everyday, keep doctors away”. Experts from the civil Medical Research Institute remind the citizens that to eat scallion in spring is very beneficial to health.

The scallion contains a kind of special volatile oil, and the volatile oil has a 葱辣素 which possesses strong bactericidal function and displays an obvious effect in preventing vernal respiratory infectious disease, cold and influenza. Taking scallions frequently in spring can promote the secretion of digestive juice, facilitate cleaning the stomach and intestines, improve the appetite, invigorate the spleen and strengthen the body, lower blood pressure, blood lipid and blood sugar, and strengthen the human immunity.

The function relates to the fact that the scallion is rich in microelements such as germanium, etc. In addition, eating scallions is very beneficial to those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol, constipation and overweight.

In medical treatment, scallion has tremendous functions, such as diaphoresis, diuresis and sedative function.