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Numerous Health Care Functions of Hot Ginger Water

Post Time:2006-04-24 [Large Middle Small]admin View:Nanjing Morning Post 31st, March

In our daily life, apart from being served to resist cold, hot ginger water has numerous health care functions.

First, gargling with hot ginger water every morning and evening and drinking one glass of it before sleep can boost the circulation of blood and prevent arteriosclerosis.

Second, if suffering from oral ulcer, one can gargle with hot ginger water twice or three times a day, which usually takes three days for the ulcer surface to constringe and heal up.  

Third, in the case of waist and shoulder ache, one could put some salt and vinegar into the hot ginger water and soak a towel into it. Then, wring the towel and apply it to the aching part. This method can relax the muscles and tendons, activate blood circulation and relieve the pain.

Fourth, for the hypertension sufferers, when the blood pressure goes up, they can immerse the feet into the hot ginger water for about fifteen minutes, then the blood pressure will drop down.