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26 Diplomats Visit Sinopharm CNBG Beijing Institute

Post Time:2020-11-13 [Large Middle Small] View:

Ever since the start of the year, COVID-19 has posed great challenges to the world. China has been working together with other countries in great solidarity to fight the virus. On Nov. 12th, at the invitation of China's Protocol Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ambassadors and senior diplomats from 26 countries paid a visit to Sinopharm CNBG Beijing Institute to know more about its COVID-19 vaccine development, and exchanged ideas with persons in charge.

Mr. Liu Jingzhen, Chairman of Sinopharm, introduced to the diplomats the hundred-year history of Sinopharm CNBG, its research outcomes during the 13th Five-year Plan and the eight aspects in which it leads the word in terms of diagnosing, treating and preventing COVID-19. He also presented the development of the COVID-19 vaccine and the progress of its phase III clinical trial. Chairman Liu expressed that, as the success of developing the vaccine is in sight, Sinopharm will follow the instructions by President Xi Jinping that “COVID-19 vaccine development and deployment in China, when available, will be made a global public good. This will be China's contribution to ensuring vaccine accessibility and affordability in developing countries.”, and contribute to the global fight against COVID-19 with high-quality vaccines.

The diplomats were delighted to see that Sinopharm’s COVID-19 vaccine is about to succeed which gave confidence to people around world to win this battle. They also expressed strong willingness to cooperate with Sinopharm on the vaccines.

Mr. Hong Lei, Director-General of the Protocol Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that Sinopharm had played the role of the main force in fighting COVID-19. Through this event, Sinopharm displayed its strong R&D capability in vaccines. China is willing to strengthen the collaboration with all countries to win the battle by the vaccines and reach day of success hand in hand.

Ms. Shi Shengyi, Vice President of Sinopharm, accompanied the diplomats to visit the vaccine workshop, monitoring room and Sinopharm CNBG history museum.

Ms. Wang Hui, General Manager of Sinopharm CNBG Beijing Institute, presented the research and development process of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Mr. Ma Ke, Executive Deputy Director of Sinopharm’s Department of International Cooperation, and Mr. Wang Xiaojie, Deputy Secretary-General of Party Committee of Beijing Institute were also present at this event.