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Third CIIE Sees Increase of Sinopharm Contracts Value

Post Time:2020-11-08 [Large Middle Small] View:

On November 7, the signing ceremony of the Sinopharm trading group was held as scheduled at the third CIIE. Liu Jingzhen, Chairman of Sinopharm Group, Shi Shengyi, Head of Sinopharm trading group and Vice President of Sinopharm Group attended and witnessed the signing ceremony. Ma Ke, Secretary-General of Sinopharm trading group and Executive Deputy Director of International Cooperation Department presided over the signing ceremony.

There were five significant features and highlights: First, the contract amount is large, up by 25% compared with last year, and the single contract amount is as high as 280 million US dollars, which is among the highest in the field of medicine and health; Second, the collaborators are of strong strength in the industry where six were on the Fortune Global 500 list and were all ranked high in the pharmaceutical and medical field. Other collaborators were also industry leaders their field; Third, the attending guests were of high level. Besides the management members of the Asia-Pacific region and/or of China region, the Colombian ambassador to China, Mr. Luis Diego Monsalve Hoyos, was also present to witness ceremony; Fourthly, is the introduction of high-tech products, and the cooperation with Medtronic, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Dan Nach, Agilent, Siemens Healthcare, Elekta and other international leading companies to introduce the world’s latest and highest-tech products to China to help improve China’s pharmaceutical R&D efficiency and medical service level; The fifth was the introduction of products to meet various needs of the Chinese people. In addition to the advanced products to treat diseases, Sinopharm also focused on introducing major health products such as Fancl health food and Dole healthy fruits and vegetables that are closely related to life and meet the needs of the people's happy life.
At the moment when Covid-19 is spreading across the world, the scale of Sinopharm trading group still achieved growth, which was of extraordinary significance. It reflected the spirit of Sinopharm’s implementation of Chairman Xi Jinping’s speech at the opening ceremony of the third CIIE. The positive attitude of helping the Chinese market become a world market and injecting positive energy into the recovery and development of the world economy also demonstrated the determination and confidence of Sinopharm and the world's leading pharmaceutical and health companies to deepen strategic cooperation, jointly respond to the epidemic, and protect people's health.
Li Can, Deputy Head of the Sinopharm Group trading group and President of Sinopharm International; Li Yang, Deputy Head of Sinopharm trading group, Vice President of Sinopharm Holding, President of Sinopharm CMDC; Liu Hongbing, Director of Sinopharm Board Office; Li Hao, CFO of Sinopharm International; Liu Lili, Marketing Director of Sinopharm International; Ding Weizuo, General Manager of Sinopharm Foreign Trade; and relevant personnel from all levels of the group were also present at the ceremony.