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Sinopharm Zhonglian Works 48 Hours Non-stop to Aid the Front Line

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At 6pm on the 19th of February, Sinopharm Zhonglian received an order of medical supplies from the Wuhan government, requiring supplies of Jinye Anti-virus Concentrated Granules, Stomachache Pills, Influenza Tablets and Pneumonia No. 2.

“Whenever there is need from the frontline, the supply party shall spare no time in meeting the need.” Sinopharm Zhonglian resumed work as early as from the Spring Festival Eve to ensure the supplies to fight the COVID-19 epidemic. Upon receiving the government’s order, Sinopharm Zhonglian immediately checked the stock and arranged logistics. Order came at 18:00; Supplies were loaded at 20:00, and by 2:00 in the morning the distribution was completed. The medical supplies were sent to the frontline within only 8 hours.

Meanwhile, as a manufacturer of TCM preparations, upon receiving the order of Pneumonia No.2, Sinopharm Zhonglian immediately purchased 5 decoction filling machines and assigned staff to work around the clock, and assembled two workforce of party members to aid the front-line production. Within only 48 hours, the production of 72,000 sachets of drugs was completed and the drugs were delivered to the front-line medical staff overnight.

At the center of the epidemic area of Wuhan, Sinopharm Zhonglian adheres to the leadership of China TCM and translates the requirements by its Party Committee into practice, practicing Sinopharm's corporate philosophy of "all for health, health for all" and contributing to the fight against COVID-19 and safeguarding the health of people in Wuhan.