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Urgent Purchase of 16 ECMOs to Aid Wuhan by Sinopharm

Post Time:2020-02-28 [Large Middle Small] View:

To aid the fight against the coronavirus in Wuhan, Sinopharm Holding Hubei Company, a subsidiary of Sinopharm Group, was entrusted by another SOE, China Poly Group Corporation, to urgently purchase 16 sets of ECMO equipment, the ‘artificial lung’, from Germany. After the on-site donation handover, the equipment was distributed by Sinopharm Holding Hubei Company to the designated medical institutions in urgent needs.
It is reported that upon receiving task, Sinopharm Holding Hubei Company urgently purchased from Germany through foreign partners, and coordinated the National Civil Aviation Administration, the General Administration of Customs and China Post to coordinate various procedures such as shipping, customs clearance and transportation. On the early morning of February 27th, Beijing time, the cargo set out from Frankfurt, Germany, and was transported by Air China and Postal Airlines in relay. It arrived in Wuhan at 20:00 the same day, which can be called a life-saving speed! 
ECMO equipment is an improved artificial heart-lung machine with functional modules including a convenient transport system, and a battery life of 420 minutes, and is currently used as an effective first-aid treatment device. At the same time, in the global acute severe cardiopulmonary field, the centrifugal pump of the ECMO equipment can be used apart from the host. When the patient is transferred, the centrifugal pump can be used to maintain treatment and facilitate the transfer of critically ill patients.