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“China Speed” Helps Ecuador to Fight Flu

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On the morning of Jan.29, 2018, an urgent notification came to Sinopharm International’s office to Ecuador requesting an immediate supply of medical equipment to the Hospital General Docente Ambato to alleviate the suddenly growing medical need caused by the eruption of influenza A (H1N1)   

It was reported that at least 22 people died of influenza A (H1N1) and 441 infected in middle and north Andean region in Ecuador since the first case was diagnosed on Nov. 19, 2017. Hospital General Docente Ambato, as one of the biggest hospitals in the country, has played an important role in fighting against the flu.

Racing against time to protect lives, our staff of the Ecuador office urgently coordinated all parties to transfer, sort and ship the required medical equipment in order to accomplish the emergent task as quickly as possible. All needed CT scanners, monitors, suction apparatuses and oxygen masks were delivered to the hospital by dawn of Jan. 30th through seven hours of non-stop transit. At the same time, a support-team consisted of 15 engineers from service providers organized by our office also rushed to the hospital to install the equipment. By noon of Jan 30th, only 24hours after getting the notification, all required equipment were ready to use.         

The Ministry of Health of Ecuador, local health bureau and the hospital expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Sinopharm International for the timely, efficient work. Through our performance in this emergency aid, once again, our resolution of “mission must be achieved” was displayed and won the admiration from the Ecuadorian people. (Reported by Sinopharm International)