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Mobile Clinics Aided to Cambodia Set Out

Post Time:2018-05-11 [Large Middle Small] View:

Reported on CCTV Morning News

On March 27th, the set-out ceremony of the mobile clinics aided to Cambodia by the Chinese government was held in Suzhou. The project was undertaken by China National Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Co.,Ltd. (Sinopharm Foreign Trade), a Sinopharm Company. There were 20 mobile clinics in this first batch which would provide medical tour services in Cambodia.

Attended the ceremony there were Fu Qiang, head engineer of Sinopharm International, Wang Ning, general manager of Sinopharm Foreign Trade, Huang Shuping, general manager of Suzhou King Long, Huang Dezhu, operation director of CCIC Inspection and other related experts.

Reportedly, the Chinese government will aid to Cambodia with 40 mobile clinics, and the task is undertaken by International Cooperation Department of Sinopharm International and Sinopharm Foreign Trade. Such mobile clinics can meet the need for general examination and treatment in disciplines such as radiology, ultrasonic scan, gynecology, stomatology, pediatrics, laboratory, and E.N.T etc.. Guided by the MOFCOM, the first 20 buses got modified for clinical use and were expected to reach Phnom Penh by the end of April and then be dispatched to 25 provinces to provide medical services in remote rural areas. The rest buses will reach Cambodia by the end of October.

The implementation of this project witnesses an important innovation in mobile medical clinics and has a profound effect in improving medical conditions in remote rural areas of Cambodia. It is also an outcome of China and Cambodia’s deepening comprehensive cooperation relation and putting into practice the Belt and Road Initiative.

CCTV, JSTV and CSZTV made live report on this ceremony. (Reported by Sinopharm Foreign Trade and International Cooperation Department)