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“Seminar on Immunization Program and Vaccine Cooperation for Developing Countries 2016” successfully closed

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The graduation ceremony of “Seminar on Immunization Program and Vaccine Cooperation for Developing Countries 2016” was taken in Beijing, in May 31, 2016. The seminar was organized by Ministry of Commerce (MofCom) PRC, and jointly undertaken by Academy for International Business Officials (AIBO) and China Sinopharm International Corporation (Sinopharm International). Vice president of Sinopharm International CHEN Yudong was presented and gave a speech.

25 medical officers from 9 developing countries, including Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Sudan, Egypt, Panama, Samoa and Pakistan, had attended the seminar. The scholars and experts form China National Biotec Group Company Ltd. (CNBG) and Sinopharm International were invited to gave instructions. For the first time, some front line employees were invited to involve in the whole course of this foreign-aid training program, and built up deep friendship and mutual trust with the foreign officers. Its effect on our “going global” work will be positive and profound in the future.     

The successful seminar broadened these foreign medical officials’ horizons and improved their management level. The seminar publicized and promoted China’s contributions and achievements in modern biopharma field and blood products research. [Reported by Sinopharm International]